Baz Ward’s work on exhibition at Staithes Gallery

Baz Ward was born in York and went to Hull University. He worked for the Kryptonite Ink Partnership designing posters for fringe theatre companies, local community groups and bands and designed and printed publicity material for the Arts Council of Great Britain’s Touring Theatre Scheme. He also founded the York Community Arts Group undertaking mural projects with schools and youth groups.

In the 1980s his painting “Bile Beans” a hyper-real depiction of an old painted advertisement on a wall in York became well-known on cards and posters throughout and beyond the city. This success was followed by a period working largely on commissioned paintings. He divided his time between York and the Greek island of Tilos, painting and working for Scenic Route, designing art work for the heritage industry. His Staithes paintings scrutinise the village, celebrating the unique charm and beauty in the familiar and everyday sights that all too often escape our notice.

Exhibitions include:

Arts Centre, York
University of York
The Backroom Gallery, Edinburgh Festival
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Middlesbrough Art Gallery
York City Art Gallery
Artspace, York