Bruce Mulcahy’s work on exhibition at Staithes Gallery

Bruce Mulcahy hails from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, but has made his home in Billingham on Teesside.   His much sought-after paintings, however, are produced in a wonderful variety of outdoor locations.

Inspired by painters who work outdoors from the Impressionists onwards, all Bruce’s work is completed en plein air. The practical difficulties of working outdoors in all seasons and weather are put to one side as the vital thing for him is to be able to react directly to the landscape and the particular colours, textures and light of the moment. This gives his paintings an immediacy and integrity that cannot be achieved in the studio

His work has been shown in many galleries throughout the region and nationwide including the Mall Galleries, Manchester Academy of Fine Arts; Leeds City Art Gallery and the House of Commons.

Bruce is a member of the Fylingdales Group of Artists and the prestigious Royal Society of Marine Artists.