Staithes from Beckside by Rob Shaw

Staithes artist Rob Shaw has been working hard for the past year or more on a brand new series of paintings. Some of the new work is now finished and starting to make its way into the gallery. The new paintings are simply stunning, like this huge colourful new work pictured.

“I’ve tried to create images that are richer, deeper, more complex and layered than my previous work,” he says. “I’ve also employed a broader range of paint and other media.”
The work depicts the village dwellings set in the exhilarating land and seascapes that engulf them, assaulted as ever by the extreme conditions of light and weather familiar to anyone who has spent time on this part of the coast.
The work is coming into the gallery literally as it dries. Make your way to the Staithes to be among the first to see this exciting new step forward in the development of one of the country’s most promising young artists.
Click here to see more examples of the new work.