An exhibition of paintings by members of the ROYAL SOCIETY OF MARINE ARTISTS


The Great Tea Race of 1866 – Ariel and Taeping racing up-Channel by Geoff Hunt PPRSMA (oils)

It ‘s one of our favourite treats to travel down to London every autumn to see the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. It’s a fabulous show: a celebration of the sea in all its aspects, viewed through the eyes of some of the most accomplished artists in the country. We are delighted therefore to welcome the RSMA here to Staithes with this exhibition, CELEBRATING THE SEA, and to share that experience with our friends and visitors here.


Evening on the Thames by Alan Runagall RSMA

The exhibition opens on Saturday 5th April and runs till Sunday 27th. (Normal gallery opening times: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-5pm). Please come along and enjoy these views of the sea in all its moods and conditions: from harbours, ships, sailing boats, beaches and jetties. We promise you won’t get wet!