It was a happy accident that led Ian Burke to an exhibition of ‘Boro’ textiles a couple of years ago.  He thought it had something to do with his beloved Middlesbrough football team!  Actually ‘Boro’ (meaning ‘ragged’) refers to the Japanese peasant tradition of recycling fabrics using indigo dyes, patchwork, weaving and embroidery.  Ian was fascinated by their simple beauty.  The completed textiles are themselves happy accidents, dictated by the nature and condition of the materials available rather than the maker’s design.  He responded to the exhibition by experimenting with his own ‘Boro’ collages, using oil paint and print-making as well as textiles and incorporating shapes that will be recognisable to anyone familiar with his work.  Propellers, cobles, tractors, lobsters are all discernible (if in abstract form) in these stunning canvases.

Boro Harbour by Ian Burke

Boro Harbour

Redcar Boro by Ian Burke

Redcar Boro

Staithes Boro by Ian Burke

Staithes Boro