Staithes, Evening by Ian Scott Massie

Staithes, Evening

Paintings and Prints by Ian Scott Massie with an accompanying book:

The North York Moors is a varied landscape of hill, dale, coast and moorland. Its a glacial landscape whose character shines out in a hard winter, when vast stretches of wind-drifted snow are broken only by the few tiny roads that connect the dales and run down to the sea. In summer the brilliant purple of heather, the lush bursts of bilberry bushes and the enormous skies reveal somewhere altogether different. It is hardly surprising that so many artists are drawn to capture this wonderful, intriguing place made up of the disparate elements of wilderness and cosiness. This is also a landscape of stories. Saints and soldiers, smugglers and pilgrims, thieves and industrialists have all had their moments in the sun here. This exhibition is inspired by a selection of this rich harvest of tales, the history, folklore and legend that overlays this land like a tapestry. Ian Scott Massie has picked stories that have reached out to him as an artist and used them to create pictures that reflect some particular aspect of each place. The stories themselves are gathered together in a book which accompanies the exhibition.

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Young Ralph Cross by Ian Scott Massie

Young Ralph Cross