Sue Nichol: Oils and/or Acrylics: 1st – 4th July 2021

Double Ender, Staithes

Double Ender, Staithes by Sue Nichol

Sue Nichol has long been an exhibitor at Staithes Gallery and her demonstrations and talks are very popular at the Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage so we are delighted now to be welcoming her to tutor for us at Staithes Art School.
 Sue’s upbringing on the North East coast has left an indelible imprint on her and her work.  Her paintings bring the sea to life in all weathers, from tranquil views from the cliff tops to angry waves battering the breakwaters.  Meanwhile her skies give us the constantly shifting scudding clouds, sunlit at times, heavy, dark and threatening at others. The cosy cottages, somewhat scuffed and comfortably lived in, of her beloved Staithes greet the viewer with a welcoming glow.  The traditional boats of the North East coast: Yorkshire Cobles and Double-enders, are among her favourite subjects.  Her father built boats as a hobby and instilled in her from a young age a close affinity with their shapes and designs.  The fishermen of Staithes can be fierce critics of artists’ impressions of their boats.  I’ve cringed many times on hearing  “That’d go round in circles!” through the open door of the gallery!  Sue once received a compliment from the owner of a much-painted Staithes coble that it was the best painting of his boat he had ever seen.  It meant more to her than any accolade she has received in the art world.
Sue looks forward to showing painters of all levels of experience and expertise how she brings life to a painting and how she approaches her favourite subjects in her best-loved place.  She will be sharing her knowledge of various techniques: how to paint with a palette knife, how to add texture to paintings using paste and cold wax, talking about composition, and helping everyone to free up their painting style.