Picture Restoration Service at Staithes Gallery

restoration_before_ii restoration_after_ii

Our Restoration Service is for paintings in need of cleaning or repair.

These before and after photos show paintings that have been treated by our expert picture restorer.

Foxing or staining is a common problem which affects water colours and prints like these.

restoration_before_iii restoration_after_iii

It can usually be put right by careful cleaning of the surface bringing out the detail, colour and tone of the painting underneath.

Over time an oil painting exposed to humidity, sunlight, dust and smoke can begin to appear faded. Cleaning will restore its original freshness.

restoration_before_v  restoration_after_v

Sometimes the ravages of time can almost obscure a painting, like this portait of a Victorian lady.

restoration_before_iv restoration_after_iv

Our restorer was able to peel back the layers and reveal the subtle tones and details of the original painting beneath.

Even serious damage, like this badly ripped canvas can be repaired.

restoration_before_i restoration_after_i

To make use of our Restoration Service bring your painting to Staithes Gallery. Our restorer will examine it and we will be able to advise you of the approximate cost of cleaning and/or repair.